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As technology continues to get better, as people view more and more images every day on their phones, tablets, computers, virtual reality face masks, etc…. we are faced with clients who are no longer looking first in person at a property but first on a screen. Not only are they looking first on their screen but they immediately skip over photographs that aren’t up to par with others they have seen. It is in that regard that real estate agents really can no longer afford to take their own photos or photos with their phones for that matter. As a result they would be hurting themselves by not drawing the traffic…. more hits… more traffic… more sales… more money….. its a pretty easy concept.


The number of photos that you will receive cooresponds with the size of the house or how many rooms are available to shoot. If it’s a one bedroom condo we will be pushing it for the amount that goes on the MLS, most homes however will be in the 40-50 range. You receive pretty much all of the photos I take so you can choose which you would like for your listing.


Being a real estate photographer for the past few years I have seen the shift occurring right before my eyes. When I started there were far fewer professional photographs of real estate and the ones that were there were done for the multi-million dollar houses. This has shifted downward to even houses that would be considered lower in the market value. Not only has that changed but many times over when I had started I’d expect to see items laying around and have to be shifted for the photo to be taken. Nowadays houses have become more and more ready and it’s not just the real estate agent telling their clients, it’s also the homeowners themselves and in combination they are wanting their house to look its best.



$120 – houses under 4000sqft (that is 0 – 3999)

$140 – houses over 4000sqft (that is 4000+)

$85  РSeparate Night photography (If I have to come back to the house a second time) *

* The fact of the matter is that I am a reasonable person and I don’t charge the extra for the twilight shoots if I shoot the house right before sunset and time it to get the evening light at the end.

Next is the distance formula. (it’s an additional charge on top of the house rate)

40 miles from where I live onward…. this is usually an hour ish drive time. ADD $15/hour + $0.44/mile

(Example: 40 miles takes 1 hr each way….(I don’t count traffic time)…. so 2 hours = $30 driving time plus 80 miles x .44 = $35.20 mileage charge TOTAL = $65.20)

$85 – Tripod based video

Timelapse video email me about the project so I can give you a quote.


For tips and tricks on home staging for Real Estate Photography:




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