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First Post of Revamped Site!!!!

First Post of Revamped Site!!!!

Posted by on Feb 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

In the search over photos from the past million years I knew that I wanted this wedding to be shown as it was such a fun time. Every time that a wedding gets shot the editing is better, the shots continue evolving, the gear has been improved or added to. Many photographers would probably cringe at the fact that I have shot all of my events with some old Nikkor lenses with the 50mm being my favorite. They of course are 100% manual so all of the focusing is done on the fly with my hand on the lens. The thing of it is though that when this lens screams it screams with all of its might!!! and boy is it sharp as the result. Sometimes the end result could have been technically better but its the content that creates our emotional connection as human beings to the photographs.

This sequence has literally made me laugh out loud numerous times as I find myself going back and forth through them. Hope they make you smile too ­čÖé


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