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Real Estate Photography

  As technology continues to get better, as people view more and more images every day on their phones, tablets, computers, virtual reality face masks, etc…. we are faced with clients who are no longer looking first in person at a property but first on a screen. Not only are they looking first on their […]

General Photography

  Everyday is a new opportunity. Generally speaking no idea is too big or small lets try it.   2015 Current General Rates $85 – $120/ man hour Need a particular landscape shot for your living room? Or you started to make clothing and want a creative shoot with model, makeup, art direction? I’m all […]


Chasing Time – Zachary Pawlowski from Zachary Pawlowski on Vimeo.   This is a timelapse from clips I shot scattered all over the place. I went to school for film and television that is what my degree is in. Video content is fairly limited but I can do quite a bit with what I have […]

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First post of the revamped site!!

First post of the revamped site!!

Posted by on Jan 27, 2015 in Photography, Weddings

  In the search over photos from the past million years I knew that I wanted this wedding to be shown as it was such a fun time. Every time that a wedding gets shot the editing is better, the shots continue evolving, the gear has been improved or added to. Many photographers would probably […]

About Me

Hello Hello!!!

Growing up in western Michigan I was surrounded by the outdoors and wonderful scenery. The night sky fills with stars especially heading into the fall months so sitting back in front of the bonfire looking up at the millions of stars was always so visually … relaxing. Graduating high school in 2005 I spend two years figuring things out at the local community college while I worked at both a coffee shop and a greenhouse, along with various odd jobs. I desired something… but i wasn’t sure what at the time. Fate decided to lead me so Savannah, Georgia on a family vacation. It was there that I learned about this school The Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). The appeal of both the warmer climate and historic city with the hundred some year old live oak trees covered in moss made an impression. A few years later I was graduating with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with my parents watching me.

I would tell you that I am the one that will jump off of the cliff in order to climb higher.

Again on what was supposed to be a brief visit to Houston, Texas I ended up re-shooting three houses that had been previously professionally shot by a well known company for a good friend who is a real estate agent. The internet traffic started to come in and next thing I know I was shaking nervously in front of a group of real estate agents after meeting with a branch manager. It was then houses to photograph started coming in. I have been shooting professionally for the past 5 years now shooting anything from foreclosures with literally poop on the floor to multi-million dollar houses as well as the events, weddings, dog shows…. you name it stemming from my clients, many of who I would consider myself friends with.


To this point this is where the river has lead me as I look to the horizon wondering where it may lead.